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CAT5e Facts

- Can run upto 350m before needing strengthened
- Supports speeds up to 1,000mbps
- Can support many modern services

Our Service

Cabling & Infrastructure services provided by Ashgill are of the highest quality & meet all TIA regulations when required.
We install & maintain CAT5e, CAT6, Telephone & Fibre cabling in ranges from 2 cables to 20,000 cables - no amount is too many. Our default infrastructure install includes: comms/server cabinet, patch panel, dual-coloured patchleads, faceplaces, trunking of many kinds & all cabling identified as standard.

Secure & reliable cabling provided by Ashgill can be implimented sharply, cost-effectivly & we work closely with the customer making sure downtime & interuption is minimal. When installations are being carried out we recommend considering any future expansion which may happen - we always say its better to have too many than not enough when it comes to cabling. Flood-wiring is more cost effective & results in future expansion or office moves can be done much easier, this is why we flood-wire as standard.

Nearly all services can now be ran over CAT5e cabling including - telephone systems, data systems, CCTV, access control systems & audio/video systems.

Wireless Technology

On top of hardwired cabling we can also install wireless throughout your premises in many different setups. Firstly we urge customers to bare in mind wireless networking is not as robust as wired networks. The bandwidth across wireless is not as good as wired, meaning performance will suffer.

Most installations of wireless networks we install have a hardwired POE 'backbone' infrastructure to Access Points, this gives the best strength of signal which helps if your premises has many/thick walls to signal through.

To improve security in Wireless networking we often split access between Guest & Staff so access to areas is under control of the customer.

Fibre Optic Cabling

Ashgill can install pre-terminated fibre optic cabling which is perfect for linking buildings together & getting the best speeds & instant communications between the buildings. When extreme distances (upto 30km) are required, Fibre Optic is the only cable capible of supplying 100% transmission rate.