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Many Shapes & Sizes

Access Control, in a whole, comes in many shapes in sizes depending on what your business needs. From simple 1 main door entry buzzer up to 100+ secure door access systems Ashgill can cater to your requirements.

Once an access control system has been installed, all doors controlled by the system automatically lock when the door gets closed. Anyone without a PIN/access token is unable to enter. Due to the scalability of the programming - doors can be programmed to be set to be unlocked or locked during a chosen time frame.

Access can be granted in multiple methods - PIN codes, magnetic swipe cards, proximity cards & biometrical methods.

Door Entry

Before Access Control was around, Door Entry was used in buildings everywhere - allowing buildings to securely monitor who gains access to your building. With Door Entry still being a major necessary when it comes to security - it is available in multiple forms;

- Main external door has a single buzzer to ring either extensions on a PBX or specific door entry phones
- Main external door has different buzzers for different departments, programmed which buzzer rings which extensions/door phones.

When permission to enter the building is granted, this can be done either by a button on the extension/door phone which releases the lock/magnet & access is granted, otherwise physical opening of the door & greeting the customer is an option.

Multiple Access

Like all technology, Door Entry enhanced its capabilites and Access Control was invented. A normal set up of Access Control incorporates;

- Door Entry on external doors with a buzzer to gain access & either a PIN or access token (swipe cards or biometric) reader for staff etc to gain access
- Internal doors have PIN or access token readers & access is allowed depending on the programming applied to your user access.

Access Control programming can be done via a computer software program & can also keep logs of staff timekeeping, what doors your visitors went through & blocking of cards/doors is applied instantly.
With computer based Access Control, systems can automatically change programming depending on what time of day it is - for example all doors & cards are locked after 7pm.

Another large security benfit of Access Control is some systems can link up with your CCTV cameras, linking a door to a camera. So when viewing the log of door events, you can view a recording from the camera at the point of the door opening.