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10/03/15 - New Website
01/01/15 - Happy New Year
01/10/14 - Everything, Anywhere
01/12/11 - NEC XN120 Ends

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Facebook CompetitionNew Website

We are proud to launch the design of our new website packed full of all our services - Telecoms, Datacoms & Security plus everything from Broadband to Quick Quotes we hope the new design is easy to use and covers everything our customers & potential customers require.

Browse through our Testimonials section to see what our valued customers say about Ashgill or head over to take a read through our Call Fraud section which is a must-read for all businesses to keep your telecoms secure from potential hackers.

Happy New Year!Happy New Year!

We at Ashgill would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year for 2015 and hope all our customers have had a good Christmas & break off work however long that may be!

2014 had brought many a great things to Ashgill with the main, exciting, events being;
-Our Network Services taking a big boost in customers, savings & experience.
-Cloud Computing being available as a service to our customers.
-The continuing success of the new NEC SL1100 after the end of life of the NEC XN120 telephone systems
-The launch of the new feature-packed NEC SV9100 system to the telecoms market
-Our Twitter & Facebook accounts continued to grow in members.

We are hoping 2015 will be just as successful, if not more!

Cloud ComputingEverything, Anywhere

Ashgill can now provide the Cloud Computing service to any businesses who wish to join the latest technology enterprise. Computing via the 'Cloud' simply means all your databases, software, communications & information are provided to computers, phones & tablets over a network, usually the Internet.

We had first hands experience before bringing the service into action by implementing our CRM into our server, resulting in all our database & invoicing being in the 'Cloud' and accessible anywhere. See more examples of how the 'Cloud' can benefit you here.

NEC XN120NEC XN120 Discontinued

The very popular, and one of our main products, NEC XN120 Telephone System has been announced by NEC Infrontia that as 1st December the product will officially be in 'end of life' status.
This meaning no new systems will be getting distributed or installed by Ashgill. We will continue to support the system for as long as possible as system parts (phones, cards, software) will be available for some time however will be scarce.
The announcement is due to the release of the new NEC SL1100 Communications Platform which will be taking its place in the SMB market.

With this announcement being made we do stress the now importance of a Maintenance Contract on the XN120 due to replacement parts being hard to come by, in some cases impossible. More information can be found here on what is included & how you could benefit from the cover.

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