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Many Shapes & Sizes

Access Control can be as simple a single Door Entry System scaling up to 100+ secure doors with RFID, pin codes or a combination of entry styles.

If it is the office front door you wish to be secure we can install a simple buzzer entry which rings your telephone system and access is granted either by your telephone keypad or by physically allowing the person access to the building.

Stepping onwards from that we can secure single office doors without having to install expensive access systems & software, this is achieved by bespoke handles with an RFID reader built into them locking the latch from moving until an Card or Fob is provided. These systems can be installed onto multiple single doors and linked using the same RFID Fobs/Cards giving the impression of an Access System in place.

Next you then have a full Access Control System (ACS) which combines multiple doors throughout your building all linked back to a server or PC who can monitor what doors are open & closed, who has access to what areas of the building and what doors have been accessed by who. Once an ACS has been installed, all doors controlled by the system automatically lock when the door gets closed. Anyone without a PIN/RFID is unable to enter.
Due to the scalability of the programming - doors can be programmed to be set to be unlocked or locked during a chosen time frame.

Door Entry

Before Access Control was around, Door Entry was used in buildings everywhere - allowing you to securely monitor who gains access to your building.
With Door Entry still being a major necessity when it comes to security - it is available in multiple forms;

- Main external door has a single buzzer to ring either extensions on a PBX or specific door entry phones
- Main external door has different buzzers for different departments, programmed which buzzer rings which extensions/door phones.

When permission to enter the building is granted, this can be done either by a button on the extension/door phone which releases the lock/magnet & access is granted, otherwise physical opening of the door & greeting the customer is an option.

Internal Secure Doors

Securing internal doors does not need to be expensive and does not require large Access Control Systems being installed. In many cases companies want the simplicity of securing office doors with RFID Readers and building their own version of a ACS.

With most RFID Fobs/Cards all being compatible, fobs are programmable to allow access to multiple secure doors. Leaving the managing of who is allowed where down to the customer programming using the systems Master Card yet building the impression of a secure entry system in place.

With the latest handle systems we install coming in a variety of styles they can be made to fit most doors and be kept in the same 'style' as the previous handles. They also run via battery so no worry of being locked in/out in powercuts, reducing power consumption and can last up to 2000 uses before requiring changing batteries.

Access Control System

Like all technology, Door Entry enhanced its capabilities and Access Control was invented. A normal set up of Access Control incorporates;

- Door Entry on external doors with a buzzer to gain access & either a PIN or access token (swipe cards or biometric) reader for staff etc to gain access
- Internal doors have PIN or access token readers & access is allowed depending on the programming applied to your user access.

Access Control programming can be done via a computer software program & can also keep logs of staff timekeeping, what doors your visitors went through & blocking of cards/doors is applied instantly.
With computer based Access Control, systems can automatically change programming depending on what time of day it is - for example all doors & cards are locked after 7pm.

Another large security benefit of Access Control is some systems can link up with your CCTV cameras, linking a door to a camera. So when viewing the log of door events, you can view a recording from the camera at the point of the door opening.

Access can be granted in multiple methods - PIN codes, magnetic swipe cards, proximity cards & biometrical.