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Remote Monitoring

All our CCTV systems we install, Analogue or IP, have the capabilities of remote access.
This then allows users to view live activity, general maintenance & view past saved clips.
If your camera installation has PTZ cameras, you can remotely control these cameras from any internet ready device - Web or Mobile.

Our Service

We can supply your business with a wide range of CCTV Systems bespoke to your premises, requirements & future.
Whether it be a small installation to secure doors or a large system designed to give full secure awareness & reassurance throughout a full premises we can provide, upgrade or maintain.

The range of cameras available on the market is ever growing & features built into cameras are ever growing also, with many choices available chosing the right model, type & position takes lots of consideration.

With every set up, DVR units allow continuous digital recording for days and weeks at a time. Unlike tape based systems the footage is always high quality no matter how many times you record over existing footage onto its in-built hard drive. DVR`s also have built in multiplexing allowing split screen monitoring and recording without having to use an additional unit.

CCTV Terms

Bullet Camera - The most popular, with simple 'point & shoot' style. Most Bullet cameras feature in-built Night Vision features to automatically switch to Night Mode in dark conditions.

Dome Camera - Mostly used for descrete purpose, the Dome cameras are handy for public places due to having wider viewing angles & lenses hidden behind tinted glass resulting in unknown pointing angles.

PTZ Camera - Pan, Tint & Zoom cameras are brought usually in Dome form due to hidden pointing angles, wider viewing & when manouvering it is hidden to the eye.

Wired Camera - 90% of camera systems are supplied & installed in Wired form due to power being required down the cable, ease of camera upgrade, wider range of cameras available & pricing.

Wireless Camera - Used mostly for single camera requirements, specialist/difficult positioning or running of cables or simply for the fact the camera might often move destination. Wireless cameras are available in Bullet & Dome form however a smaller amount of models are available compared to Wired.

Analogue CCTV - Analogue is the origional method of providing CCTV Cameras by using Coax cable run alongside power cable.


All of the above cameras, systems & set ups are available from Ashgill.