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Increase Your Potential
90% of callers will hang up on 'empty space' on hold

Regardless of your line of business or how efficient you are, placing calls on hold has become a large part of businesses today.
Around 70% of daily business callers will be placed on hold, queued or transfered elsewhere, resulting in many customers or potential customers having to listen to your on hold/que message - avoid caller abondonment by making use of this free space by entertaining your customers with gentle music, improve advertising by promoting special offers or simply give some general information about your company!

Our Music On Hold units we supply & install support MP3 file format - the most widely used memory format - meaning the Music or Information On Hold you desire can be done both in-house & bespoke created for you! Our systems are generally universal too, so fitting to any system old or new is acheivable.

Professionally Bespoke
Create custom voice-overs

With the latest technology and voiceovers Ashgill can offer bespoke Music On Hold that caters to your every need representing your company, special offer or anything you like!
With a quick turnaround, all music tracks PRS exempt & delivery formats in MP3, CD & WAV - compatible in all systems - your file will then be sent to you, ready to be plugged into your telephone system or Music On Hold unit. 
Contact us today to get more information on our bespoke packages.

Our easy to use service provides;
- Enhance your corporate image
- Generate more revenue
- Reduces caller hang-ups
- Promote seasonal/special events/products
- Subconsciously reduces on hold time