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Control Phreak

Control Phreak PBX Firewall stops all hacking activity in its tracks leaving you full control of your system & no heavy bill at the end of the month, it can also protect your PC/LAN security too!

Read more of the amazing features Control Phreak provided by Ashgill can bring to you.

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What Is It?
Recent large increase, keep your system secure!

Dial-through fraud, also known as phreaking, is an organised crime where hackers use software to gain access to your phone system & make illegal calls resulting in you ending up 1,000's worth of calls on your billing.
Call hacking tends to be at the weekend or on public holidays when detection is unlikely to be seen however in some cases it is short bursts of illegal calls made every few weeks or months to hide detection further.

Telephone systems everywhere are targets for phreaking and once the hackers gain access they know how to reconfigure your whole system in milliseconds to route their own calls through it. Systems are usually hacked via voicemail boxes, auto-attendents & DDI extensions as these are easy gateways for access if your system is not properly protected either internally or externally.

To make matters worse, a-lot of the time the hacking & routing calls is done so quickly it is quite often your network provider cannot detect this before £1,000's have already been drawn up, once detected they can shut down the lines to stop bills increasing furthermore. Quite often you then have the legal battle against these costs which in many occasions could result in backrupt.
Sometimes to your network provider it could just seem like a business is having a 'cold calling' day trying to gain more business so even if they do detect a largre number of calls than usual they do not always shut the lines down.. even though you are meant to put your trust in them!

How To Prevent It?
Ashgill is who to rely on

Due to detection by your network provider lacking, protection against phreaking becomes a matter taken into a-lot of businesses own hands. Ashgill can provide excellent protection to prevent all of the above happening;

  • All new systems come with protection
    1. Upon installing a new system, Ashgill always set up proceedures to prevent call fraud as much as we can. On all NEC systems we install there are a variety of steps we can take;
      *Block international calls unless with a PIN
      *Block outgoing calls at night/holiday services
  • External protection by Control Phreak
    1. Ashgill can provide you with external to your phone system protection called Control Phreak. Control Phreak is an automatic PBX firewall designed to stop all hacking of your phone system in its tracks.
      Control Phreak can also protect your PC/LAN against 'back-door' entry, leaving you completely protected from any attacks on your security.
      Read more info on Control Phreak provided by Ashgill here.
  • Internal protection on systems
    1. If you would like to increase the protection on your system by using the security in-built in your current telephone system we can set up the same steps as we do when installing a new system.
      Ashgill do our best to prevent hackers gaining access to systems however cannot be held responsible for any calls made by phreakers. We will give advice & help as much as we can if it does unfortunatly happen to anyone.
      If you would like us to increase the internal security on your system simply get in contact with us today.