going green



Ashgill Does Its Bit, Do You?
Save the environment & your pocket

Going Green is a major concern for businesses, both to cost cut but also to preserve the environment. Ashgill takes pride in doing its share of helping the environment & implements the following helpers;
- All cardboard from installations/products are recycled
- All our current telephone systems are energy saving products & comply with green manufacturing standards
- We encourage customers to consider Cloud Computing to reduce heavy costs
- We encourage our customers to receive bills/invoices via email - contact us to switch

You can do your part in helping;
- Switching off lights as often as you can
- Recycle all your unused paper instead of general waste
- Email as much as possible, saving paper & ink
- Switch services supplier for your gas/electricity & network services to save money
- Choosing suppliers who take back packaging for reuse - ink & paper suppliers
- Consider Solar Panels as a source of energy
- Encourage your employees to carpool and/or take public transport when possible