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If you are planning a new system or interested in some more information we are your first & last stop. Providing you with everything you need from Telephone Lines to Cabling to the Telephone System over contract bespoke to you.

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Big Hardware For Little Prices
Starting from only £1 a day

We realise businesses do not always have the budget to either update their older system or for new start companies requiring a brand new system. Due to this Ashgill can provide your Telecoms equipment on a leasing contract bespoke to you. Meaning instead of going for a system to fit your budget & limiting yourself, with Ashgill's leasing contracts you get receive state-of-the-art systems to maximise your efficiency for as low as £1 per day!

Leasing comes with many benefits;
- All equipment is maintained by Ashgill
- No capital outlay
- After-Sale maintenance can be included
- No hidden fees, jargon free payments - lease payments & thats that!

To get started, get a quote for a new telephone system then compare Purchase vs Lease pricing as we can guarentee you the best system for the best rate.