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Moving/New offices is a speciality of ours

Here at Ashgill we find helping companies move premises, or start up a new business, one of our specialities.
We can take the stress off a-lot of important & difficult matters which the customer has to deal with, for example the ordering of telephone lines, moving your old number over, fully cabling your new premises and much more detailed below.

Not only can we provide a wide range of services suited to new/moving offices, due to being part of the Lanarkshire Business Group, we have gained many reliable contacts & can organise many other services to be arranged: electrical services, joinery work, pluming & fire safety services.
These can all be contracted through Ashgill resulting in one point of contact catering for your needs when moving or starting up.

What We Can Do
We always find the best solution

All our main Services are detailed at the top menu however specifically for new or moving customers we can provide bespoke services to suit whatever your requirements are.

- We can fit a temporary telephone system into your old office so upon moving your current system is already installed in the new premises.
- If customers are moving premises which are on a different BT Exchange, via our Network Services, we can come to an arrangement for their existing number to still be used/in service. A service which can not ordinarly be provided.