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Yearly, quarterly or monthly covers

We can supply a maintenance contract for all Telephone Systems out there, most leading Access Control & CCTV systems and all Websites.
With amazing benefits, multiple contract methods & bespoke to you pricing.. it is always something to consider!

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Your Hardware Runs Your Business
Bespoke to you, Ashgill keeps it simple!

A maintenance contract with Ashgill covering either your Telecoms System, Access Control, CCTV or Website allows you to get on with running your business and not have to worry about any failure which may happen on your services.
We understand many customers cannot afford to change their older equipment, this is why Ashgill can support everything from the latest equipment down to 'end of life' systems be it Telecoms or CCTV systems.

Instead of having multiple levels of cover & different pricing per moon like many other suppliers, Ashgill keeps it simple with 'bespoke to you' pricing on your services taking in considering the age, condition, equipment & whereabouts of the service you wish us to cover.

Ashgill's maintenance support allows you to;
- Be worry free whenever an issue occurs
- Budget efficiently with specific to your equipment pricing
- Have a single point of contact for all your services issues

Technology has taken a massive rise in the last few years, with every office now having a phone & computer per person, sometimes more, so you really have to question yourself when considering maintenance support.. where would you be without the hardware which now runs your business?

Services Covered

  • Telecoms
    1. At first, when a fault is logged our first approach is to fix the fault over the telephone as quite often it can just be a programming issue & can be guided through the problem. If this is unsuccessful due to a physical/hardware fault then a service callout shall be arranged.
      On our newer systems which have maintenance cover taken out, we keep the systems software & firmware up to date with the latest version to prevent any issues occurring internally. On all systems we
      Alongside covering the system, within the package we cover all 'system' handsets, all 'basic' handsets & also all the wiring we installed specific for the system use.
  • Access Control
    1. Text
  • CCTV
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  • Website
    1. Website maintenance can come in many forms, each scalable to suit the customer.
      Having cover on your website saves the risk of potentially breaking the design if done by yourself, but also saves you paying out everytime you need some page updates. We can supply cover on both websites we have self built & pre-built websites which the customer already had.
      Read more on our Website Maintenance here or get in contact for pricing.